What type of present should I purchase for a christening?

Q. It is for my neice, I have never been to a christening before. Thanks!

A. I am going to a christening soon, and recently I got the little baby a keepsake box, its made of shiny metal and has a place to put a picture in!
Thing like that will do! But make sure they're not tacky (I.E. Twee teddies and ducks all over some cheap plastic)
Heres a list:
1.A plate with her name, weight and date/time of birth (or christening) on it, she'll feel really glad to have that in a few years time!
2.Clothes, nice dresses/hats/shoes etc
3. A musical insturment!
Hope this helps, also a scrapbook might be a nice idea!

Where can i find a website with pictures of couples like the kissing sailor and other old pictures?
Q. Im looking for pictures of couples from a long time ago like the 40's to 70's of couples. They dont have to be famous pictures or anything just of couples in love or something,

A. try something like http://www.allposters.com -i typed in 'sailor kiss' and a couple came up, so you can probably find more that you'd like :)

Where online can I find christening favors?
Q. I'm looking for a place online to find christening favors. Can anyone help me? I need somewhere with some very cute christening favors! Advice?

A. I wanted to give my guests something unique as a christening favor and actually opted for two different favors. The guests had a choice of which one they wanted. I went with a company called Stork Candles. I spoke with the owner and she was able to help me decide on the baby food jar candles and the personalized sachets. She was able to take my daughters picture and use it on the personalized sachets and they turned out wonderful! The guests loved the favors and they made a great display on the table.

If you order, tell her Jessica Web sent you!

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